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重庆时时彩交流群:Does the bonus index have the potential to settle the artifact?

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内容摘要: Yesterday I shared with you that you can't just look at the price-earnings ratio when choosing an index fund, but you should look at it tog...

Yesterday I shared with you that you can't just look at the price-earnings ratio when choosing an index fund, but you should look at it together with the ROE indicator. Many of the eye-catching partners found that the two dividend indices (the SSE Dividend and the CSI Dividend) were most consistent with the “low P/E ratio + high ROE” for the last three quarters. What is the internal reason? We will further explore the above-mentioned bonus index today.


Although you already know the SSE Dividend Index, you still want to say a few more words. As the name implies, it is a stock listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The constituent stocks have the characteristics of high cash dividend yield and stable dividends. The sample stocks consist of 50 stocks, which are distributed in financial real estate, public utilities, energy, industry, major consumption, optional consumption, and information. Eight areas of technology and raw materials. Therefore, this index has both the characteristics of the “thematic index” and the “wide base index”.

To analyze this index, you must start with the top ten heavyweights. The latest top ten heavyweight in turn is China Shenhua , SAIC , Construction Bank , Huaneng , Sea Orchid House , Huayu Automotive , Agricultural Industrial and Commercial Bank of , Bank , Daqin Railway and Bank of China . However, the proportion is not large, only 31.71%, so the proportion of constituent stocks of the SSE Dividend Index is relatively uniform, avoiding the huge impact of the single stock black swan event.

Secondly, we intend to analyze the average ROE situation of the top ten heavyweights for the past three consecutive years. For example, the following figure China Shenhua , according to the latest three years of published annual report data, the average ROE is 9.22%. Here is a question of extravagance. From the perspective of China Shenhua ROE, the profitability has improved significantly since 2015.


Finally, the author manually organized the following table. From the table, we can see that among the top ten heavyweights in the SSE Dividend Index, the highest ROE in the last three years is actually 35.72% of the Haishu House (very striking, generally speaking, it is difficult for ROE to last more than 30%). Automotive industry The average ROE of SAIC and Huayu Automobile in the past three years also exceeded 17%. The top ten heavyweights of the SSE Dividend Index, the average weighted ROE of each stock in the last three years reached a staggering 16.26%. The average ROE of the SSE Dividend Index in the last three quarters of the article was 6.69% for three consecutive quarters. I wonder if it is possible to reason from this indicator that the growth rate of listed companies in the last three quarters has actually slowed down. This may also be one of the internal reasons for the poor performance of the stock market this year.


Well, based on the above analysis, the dividend index has the characteristics of “low P/E ratio + high ROE” because the selected constituent stocks themselves are guaranteed to be better, and “high dividends” itself is also a kind of value selection method. In addition to the SSE Dividend Index, funds such as the Track CSI Dividend Index, the Shenzhen Stock Dividend Index and the S\u0026P Dividend Index are also worth investigating. The first one is included in our fixed vote combination.





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